Top Gear producer won’t press charges after incident

Oisin Tymon announced that he won’t press charges on Jeremy Clarkson. According to the North Yorkshire Police statement, he needed a whole week to decide, will he press charges on Top Gear presenter. He was punched by Jeremy Clarkson. Oisin sent a letter to the police station, where he explains that he doesn’t want to go to court with Clarkson. This letter was sent to the media as well.

The police will continue to investigate the Clarkson’s behavior, and he will be punished for his actions. They still have to do several interviews and to talk with few witnesses, but Clarkson may be charged with bodily harm!

It is still early to speak of Clarkson sentence. Although, he is quality, many Top Gear fans are demanding him to come back to the Top Gear. Other two presenters, James May and Richard Hammond announced that they won’t work unless Jeremy Clarkson comes back as the main presenter. This incident discovers many unknown things about now-former Top Gear presenter. He is extremely hard to work with!

Clarkson is a famous TV presenter, and a celebrity, so he will probably stay in this business. He already had several offers for presenting other TV shows, but there are no more information about that. At the end, we can only say that he was responsible for many interesting and fun moments in Top Gear. Without him, this popular TV show won’t be the same. As you know, Top Gear season 22 was broadcasted at the time of this incident. There are several episodes left to be shown.


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