‘Married At First Sight’ Star Davina Take Shots At Sean Following Sean’s Diss

If you happen to have watched the season finale of “Married At First Sight” then one thing was certain and that is the fact that the two, Sean Varricicchio and Davina Kullar, were not meant to be a couple. Despite that, they all hoped that they will be in a position in which they can still be friends but that was also quickly changed thanks to some negative comments that were made by Sean Varricchio. 

This season’s “Married At First Sight” so a number of couples taking part. And although Varricchio, 35, and Kullar, 34, were the only couple to complete the entire social experiment, which saw them take part in a six-week marriage challenge, they failed to maintain a good relationship once the show was over. The two are now engaged in a word of wars which is each camp blaming the other’s camp for whatever is going at the moment. 

While speaking with the New York Post, Kullar said that “During decision day, me and Varricchio had a really nice thing going on but he went on to make some really negative comments that blindsided me.”

“The whole situation makes it very hard for us to have a friendship given the fact that trust as well as components of one character, which plays a key role in friendship, were all laid to the side by Varricchio.”

She didn’t stop there, Kullar went on to add that, “I don’t think the real Varricchio really showed up for the second season of “Married At First Sight” and I honestly cannot know who exactly I was married to. I never had a connection with whatsoever.”


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