Here Is The First Picture Of The Cast Of ‘Full House’ The Movie

If you have been waiting in vain to see how the characters would like in “Full House” the movie  or even just to know who is there and who won’t be there, then you are in luck as the producers have just unveiled the movies first picture. Continue reading to get all the details. 

When it was first announced that there was going to be a spinoff of popular 1990s hit TV series the “Full House” in 2016 on Netflix, fans of the show all over the world went crazy and now that they have learned that they are also going to get a movie have made things even better. 

The movie, which is set to be released come August 22nd, released the first photo of the movie’s entire cast and we must admit the movie is very bizarre. Why so you may ask, well lets break it down for you. This new movie will based on a show, and will be about making of the said show. A mind-bender right? In addition to that, the cast is also complicated. The cast includes; Justin Mayer, who will play Dave Coulier, Gareth Brawith, who will play Bob Saget. Other cast members include, Britney Wilson and Shelby Armstrong, who will play the older and younger Candace Cameron Bure versions, Justin Gaston who will take up the role of John Stamos, Jordyn Olson and Dakota Guppy, who will play the role of an older and a younger Jodie Sweetin version. 

There are other characters in the movie as well but given the complications surrounding their roles I will just leave it there. As at now we can only hope that the movie will leave up to its expectations. 

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