First Trailer of ‘Boulevard’ Features The Late Robin Williams Questioning Life Choices

When it was announced that Robin Williams, a talented comedian and actor, had died many people were shocked and the fact that he was depressed surprised many given the fact that he was always smiling regardless of any situation. In fact many believe that he was among the happier actors in Hollywood. That said many are still mourning his death while some just want o see him again on the big screen. If you are among those who would want to see him again on the big screen, you are in luck as you can now get to do just that thanks to the film “Boulevard”.

“Boulevard”, the last film that Robin Williams starred in before dying, has just had its first trailer released and features the talented Robin Williams questioning life choices. If you were not planning on crying today then I would advice that you don’t checkout the “Boulevard” trailer as its very emotional. 

In the film Robin Williams plays the role of closeted man who is 60 years old. When he finds out that his life was not heading in he direction that he wants, he started making drastic changes despite his age. 

“I drove down a street one night,” the actor says in the beginning of the trailer. He then goes on to state that, “A street that I did not know.”

“Boulevard” was Robin Williams last film to star in and it expected to hit theatres on 17th July. 


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