Disney Channel's Galeota's untimely death

Michael Galeota was a star of the Disney Channel and he was admired by children everywhere. Sadly, the star died a few days ago due to a medical condition of the digestive tract. It was well-known that the star was facing health problems, but no one imaged that his life would end so early, at just 31 years old.

Michael retired from acting very early as he played in his last role in 2001. While he was still a teenager, he decided that he could not live a life dedicated to his career alone and he focused on other things. In the last years, Michael worked with a real estate company dealing in residential buildings, and the friends of the family say that he was more than happy with this job.

Michael’s body was found by one of his friends. Apparently, the former actor was fighting with a number of medical conditions in the last years but he did not care much about the doctor’s advice. He was supposed to maintain a fat-free diet as well as avoid stress and strong emotions.

Apart from his job, Michael was a huge sports fan and he was spending a big part of his time watching matches or discussing sports events on social networks. He was very private in his personal life and he kept himself away from media scandals.

His fans and family will forever cherish him and remember the extraordinary person he was.

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