A Spinoff Of ‘19 Kids & Counting’ Is In The Works

Is a spinoff of “19 Kids & Counting” in the works? Well, according to Hollywood Life this is actually true. The entertainment base website is reporting that a spinoff of the show is in the works following the cancelation of the original “19 Kids & Counting.” 

“19 Kids & Counting” one of TLC’s top reality show but the network was forced to pull it off from air due to shocking revelations that surrounded the show’s star, Josh Duggar, who molested 5 young girls while he was a teenager. Earlier in the week, it was revealed that the “19 Kids & Counting” star molested young girls, upon learning of the news many people took to social media to address their concern as well as express their outrage and calling for the show’s cancellation something that TLC had to comply with. 

According to Hollywood Life, the family seems to be planning a comeback with another realty show. The show is said to be about 2 grooms and their brides and it will mainly focus on the newly-weds in the family, that is Derrick and Jill Dillard as well as Ben and Jessa Seewald. The two, Derick and Jill Dillard, recently welcomed their first baby as for Ben and Jessa Seewald, they are currently expecting their first child. 

“The show had begun to focus more and more on the next generation of Duggars, anyway – mainly Jill and Jessa and their marriages and babies,” Hollywood Life reported quoting a source close to the family. “That’s when the show got its highest ratings.”

Earlier this week a source revealed that TLC is keen on keeping the Doggar family in TLC. 

“TLC are doing every possible thing to keep the show on the air in some format,” the source revealed. 


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