3 Things That You Should Know About Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes Leon

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, 18, is not your typical Hollywood daughter. Over the past few years she has managed to maintain a very low key life and fighting the temptations of joining other celebrities her age in doing what they do. In fact Lourdes Leon is working on ensuring that she leaves a positive impact in the world something that many teen celebrities don’t think about. That said, there are a number of things that you dnt know about the star and for good reason she has managed to keep her life a secret. But in this article we will be letting you in on 5things that you should know about Madonna’s daughter.

She is International
The first thing to know about Leon is the fact that she is international. Leon is Madonna’s daughter and she is Cuban. She is also a French Canadian and an Italian. When she moved with her mom to England she was enrolled in a French school so as to learn about her heritage.

She Reads The Books
Just like Kylie Jenner Leon goes to school. But unlike Kylie, she doesn’t do home schooling, in fact she earned a diploma in 2014 from New York’s La Guardia School of Performing Arts. She plans on attending Michigan State University.

She is a Designer
Just like her mom, Leon is a good fashionista and she partnered with her mother to launch her own line which was inspired by her mom’s legendary looks in the 1980’s. Leon’s fashion line also featured another big name in the industry, Kelly Osbourne, who was named as the face of the line.  

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