Katie Holmes to play Jackie Kennedy in mini-series to air 2017

“The Kennedys after Camelot” is a TV mini-series that stars Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy. It follows the life of the First Lady after the assassination of her husband. Katie Holmes was seen walking around on the set dressed in wide-leg trousers and turtlenecks. The striking similarity between the two makes Holmes’ role very believable. She seems to have really gotten a hang of Jackie Kennedy’s fashion sense.

Jackie Kennedy was a style icon, always dressed to perfection; her style influenced a generation of young women. Her signature looks were the pillbox hats, Hermes scarves, large framed glasses, and her three strings of pearls. She was willing to step into unchartered territory when it came to trying different styles. She wore bright colours, showed some skin in a classy way by wearing off-the-shoulder dresses, and mixed graphic prints. She combined her timeless beauty with an incredible fashion sense.

The person to play Jackie on screen seems to have some pretty big shoes to fill and Holmes does it to perfection. This is not the first time that the star is playing the role of Jackie Kennedy; she starred as Jackie in the movie Jackie O. The mini-series stars Matthew Perry as Ted Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy’s brother-in-law to whom she was very close. Her acting has received much positive feedback with the New York Post stating that, “It takes a while for Holmes to get her Jackie on, but once it’s on, you won’t believe you aren’t watching film clips of the first lady.”



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Katie Holmes to play Jackie Kennedy in mini-series to air 2017

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