Chris Carney dies after car accident

Chris Carney, best known for starring in MTV’s twentyfourseven series, tragically died on December 4, 2015 following a car crash. He was only 35 years old. Carney was in the car with friend Ezekiel Blanton, who was driving the white SUV when it went off the road on a curve and hit a tree. The crash killed both men.

Carney came to prominence in the national spotlight as the lead singer of The Prom Kings, and was featured on the MTV show twentyfourseven. Later on, he settled into family life, marrying former Disney star, Tiffany Thornton (she had starred in Sonny with a Chance, and is now on the radio with KLAZ). Becoming a father and husband, Carney left The Prom Kings and became a probation officer. The couple had two boys: Kenneth James, born in 2012, and Bentley Cash, born in 2014.

Fans of both Chris Carney and Tiffany Thornton have been providing their support, especially on social media. The tragedy of this death is that it leaves both of Carney’s sons without their father, and Thornton without her husband. Her solace, as shared with friends on social media, is that the couple were deeply religious. Thornton shared stories of Carney finding Christianity again in the last year of his life, going on a mission to Peru with his father and all the happy experiences that brought the family. This is bringing her family comfort in Carney’s absence, and it’s clear that fans, their larger family, and their local community are there to provide their support.

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Chris Carney dies after car accident