Charlie Sheen buys 3 homes in Mexico, Is he moving?

The latest news is that Charlie Sheen has bought 3 homes in Mexico. This news is not so old, but according to the reporters, he has been planning for a few months to move to Mexico.

Charlie is a 50 years old actor who has been getting a lot of attention lately. He revealed that he has been diagnosed with HIV a few months ago and he wanted to set the record straight before negative rumors started flying. According to Charlie, he has also been facing many problems regarding finances. He has to pay for the education for his children from two wives. In addition to this, a credit card company has also sued him for an amount close to $300,000.

After all that, reports have been circulating that Charlie has purchased three homes that are adjacent to each other. All the houses are located in one of the best communities in the Mexican city that is reportedly about three hours from Hollywood. Reporters are claiming that Charlie Sheen’s employees have already started the shifting process to the new homes. According to Sheen, the house he presently owns does not contain more than 3 rooms and it is only 2700 sq. ft. It is a very small house, just large enough to fulfill his needs. This new purchase will give him the space he now needs.  


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