Caitlyn & Kris Jenner never discussed transgender issue

In the last months, one of the most popular topics that has had people talking, is the transition of Caitlyn Jenner. From an Olympic male athlete to a gorgeous woman, she has had the courage to stand up and be who she really wants to be. Of course, this did not stop people from criticizing her, and her ex-wife, Kriss, is no exception. A few days ago on the show “I am Cait”, the two beautiful ladies had a heated argument.

The subject? Apparently, Caitlyn never told Kriss that she was transgender, or at least this is what Kriss said. According to Caitlyn, she explained to her then wife that she had been dealing with her identity condition for quite some time and that she was taking medication to solve the problem. Moreover, the medication could prevent them from having another child; this was during the time when Caitlyn was having estrogen treatment.

Kriss is saying that she never knew that her husband is transgender, and that everything Caitlyn said was more vague than clear; she said she had no way of knowing Caitlyn was talking about estrogen. She said she definitely would not have taken the information lightly, but she was unaware that Caitlyn had been prescribed estrogen.

Kriss has been more than supportive with the transition of her husband to being Caitlyn, and she has accepted Caitlyn’s transition absolutely.  This is what it means to be the best friend of your partner, and we can only admire them both for their bravery and dedication.


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