TLC’s New Sex Show

The TLC network announced this week that it will air its first late night talk show. The show, “All about Sex” will air on January 10th at 10pm right after “Sex sent me to the ER.”

The show will air for at least six episodes and will feature a panel of four women talking about sex. Many fans of TLC are excited to finally see a show that focuses on questions about sex and free discussion of the topic. The show will star comedian and actress, Margaret Cho, Heather McDonald, a comedian from the late night, Chelsea Lately show, Heather Winokur, a former co-host of the Talk and a Tony award winner for her work in Hairspray, and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry who is an Atlanta based sex therapist.

All about Sex will feature sex-related news, very open chats about sex and sexuality, and there will even be a social-media aspect where watchers can get on Twitter to ask questions and put in their own opinions. This will be an open dialogue and should be a great way to get watchers questions answered.
TLC is very excited about the show and hopes that this will help many of their viewers get questioned answered that they may be too embarrassed to ask. TLC will see how the ratings go for this premier to make the final decision on how many episodes it will have. If viewers really like it, the network will pick it up for many more episodes. We are excited to see something new and late night from the network.


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