Scottish Referendum takes Twitter by Storm

The famous referendum of Scottish people and a common vote to stay a part of the United Kingdom has been celebrated across the country and more so on social networking sites. There are many high profile backers of Scotland’s pro-independence and pro-Britain campaigns who took to the twitter to express their exhilaration at the decision to stay bonded with United Kingdom and that too by popular vote.

J.K. Rowling, the author of legendary Harry Potter series started penning the book in an Edinburgh café and also supported the ‘No’ Campaign by donating GBP 1 Million. She went on to twitter and expressed that “#indyref been up all night watching Scotland make history. A huge turnout, a peaceful democratic process: we should be proud”. There were many celebrities that followed suit and made happy remarks on the decision of Scottish people which kept the United Kingdom from going through the ‘painful divorce’ as said by the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

There have also been supporters that were in favor of the Scottish independence, even though the decision has been otherwise. This is a moment of historical importance and celebrities like Alan Cummings that were pro-independence have tweeted that “Yes still means something. Please try to remember that”. This is a subtle reminder to the British Prime Minister who promised that the Scots will get increased power and that his fellow separatists should focus their attention on that aspect of the deal.

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