Reality of Entertainment News

Media and the digital world has grounded and influenced the lives of the people who kind of spare some time from their day-to-day lives, to watch and update themselves with the latest news and information from any sector round the globe. Entertainment news being an important and growing sector of media has resulted in high TRPs than other sectors. Entertainment news covers information from Hollywood film stars personal on and off-screen lives, singers, reality shows, upcoming movies and its star casts, the entertainment aspect of social media, the updates of theatres and shows etc. People love to see their off-screen stars lives, the scenes behind the cameras etc thus in so many ways entertainment news tempt people of all age groups with varying degree of reports to be watched and liked by and therefore people are reluctant to these media centres for gaining information, which is sensitive to their emotions.

But there is a big question which highlights its credibility, that how far the reality factor it attached to the entertainment news. Big channels, newspapers, magazines, entertainment channels  are the suppliers of entertainment news but at times they do not both about the reality of these news, and based on rumours makes up news which not only leads to false news people seeks to watch but also spoils the images of the stars and shows. Entertainment news is like a drug for many people who makes them addicted to, it is the responsibility of suppliers of such news to look after the reality picture of the information showcasing.  


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