Christian rapper NF speaks out describing Eminem’s comparisons as annoying

Christian rapper NF spoke out on the persistent Eminem comparisons in an interview lately, and termed it as “bothersome” to continually be called a “knockoff”. While being interviewed at Wade-O Radio, NF was questioned about the relentless Eminem comparisons particularly the fact that he’s white and from Detroit. He said that he was most annoyed because he feels some people do it since he’s a white rapper and they presume it’s Eminem every time they hear a white rapper. He said that Eminem is among the best lyricists and artists ever. “When people compare me to him, they are making the impression that I’m a knockoff”.

NF said it’s often simple to tell the influences that are in the music. He agreed that his earlier music had a lot in common with Eminem’s music and that’s precisely the reason he has fine-tuned his sound. He added that he discovered his voice within the last three years or so by listening to many genres and not just hip hop. This fresh combination of music he does originated from broadening his mind to singing as well.

NF is broader in his musical flavors not restricting himself to just hip hop and listens to a wide selection depending on the moment. His favorite music includes Adele, the Fray, Ed Sheeran and watching acoustic covers and piano on YouTube. He’s into the Reach Record guys also and fancies Lacrae. He said that he doesn’t compare himself with other rappers and he attempts to bring out a unique sound to his music.


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