Blac Chyna Spent Her Birthday Crying Over Losing Tyga To Kylie Jenner

Blac Chyna is celebrating her 27th Birthday but she is notas happy find out why below. According to reports Blac Chyna did not enjoy her birthday which was on 11thMay due to the fact that she had lost Tyga to Kylie Jenner.

According to Hollywood Life, Chyna “feels humiliated” to the fact that she had lost her man to 17-year year old Kylie Jenner and that the only gift that she would want for her 27th birthday is getting back her man.

“All the gifts in the world won’t make Blac Chyna as happy as Tyga would. She told one of her close girlfriends that she wants to be on a yacht with him and their son right now, sipping champagne and having a leisure day at sea. Instead, she’s home crying right now and listening to Faith Evans’ ‘You Use To Love Me.’ She’s keeping it together for the most part and being as upbeat and happy as she can. But boy, does she miss and hate Tyga all at the same time,” Hollywood Life reported.

Chyna, 27, is still not over her ex Tyga, 25. The two have a son together, King Cairo, and they are currently involved in a number of fights on social media stemming from their relationship and recently their kid.

Hollywood Life went on to state that, “Blac Chyna feels humiliated that Tyga chose Kylie over her. That’s devastating and something that she’s going to struggle with for a very long time. It’s one thing that he left her. But to leave her for a teenage girl, that’s like knocking on death’s door.”


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