Venus Williams graduates from Indiana University

Venus Williams is best known for being one of the handful of female tennis players who’ve made their mark by winning five or more Wimbledon singles titles. Overall, Ms. Williams has 22 Grand Slam titles. She was the No.1 women’s tennis champion in the world and is currently ranked No.11.

Williams received an associates degree in 2007 in the field of fashion design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Regardless, she has always wanted to earn a business degree to learn the concepts of being a better leader and planner, and how to practically apply them to her flourishing clothing business, EleVen, and numerous other businesses.

Venus earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Indiana University - unlike other celebrities or personalities who are honored for just being famous. Venus worked very hard on all her courses and according to the Business and Economics Dean David Frantz, she actually took the initiative and applied all the concepts to her businesses. Franz commented that the kind of love Venus has for learning cannot be taught, but it is certainly appreciated by teachers.

Her dream of being a business graduate finally came true when she graduated from Indiana University East just last month, after enrolling in 2011 for the degree completion program online.  Venus is very open to learning and that quality is admired by many.

An expert tennis prowess, Venus was a celebrity among all other students, ready to receive her diploma. But she got the student part right and flipped her tassel to signify her graduation, like everyone else.  She was also very humble and toured campuses, actively met faculty members and spent quite a lot of time talking with students about courses as well.

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