Tyga Blames Nude Photo Scandal On ‘The Devil’

You probably wont see this anytime soon. 

Over the years celebrities have been known to put the blame on a number of things. For instance, many celebrities tend to blame alcohol, drugs or even the people that they associate with on a day-to-day life, but with Tyga, 25, he surprised many when he revealed whom he was blaming for the recent photo scandal. 

According to Tyga, the devil is the one who is behind the recent nude photo scandal that has been on the news over the past couple of days. Here is what Tyga Tweeted after the whole story came up. “Smh. The devil be working hard. Lol”

Whether it’s the devil or not who is working on making Tyga’s life a living hell is yet to be known but as at now what we do know is that the nude photo scandal is going to have a big impact n the relationship between Tyga and 17-year old reality star Kylie Jenner. As much as she has stated that he won’t be bothered by the pictures, many believe that deep inside Kylie has questioned herself about the photos. 

As surprising as it may seem, celebrities, athletes, or even soccer players have been known to blame the devil when they are caught doing something that they are not supposed to or something that is inappropriate. That said, as funny as Tyga case seem to be, there have been other cases reported in the past that, just like Tyga’s, made us laugh. 


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