Louis Tomlinson Mocks Naughty Boy After Major Diss

Things are not going to die off anytime soon between this two it seems. After Naughty Boy, 40, called himself a “sleeping lion” adding that One Direction star, Louis Tomlinson, would regret the fact that he had woke him up, Tomlinson is answering back.

The One Direction singer had the perfect reaction to Naughty Boy’s comments during a recent interview where the music producer called him a “child” adding that he shouldn’t have woken up a “sleeping lion”. Instead of hitting back with harsh mean words, the One D star opted to mock Naughty Boy something which will not go down very well with the producer who is currently working with Louis former band mate, Zayn, on new materials.

The whole beef between the two began after Zayn Malik left One Direction. While on an interview with The Sun, Naughty Boy said that the One Direction star is child who needs to shut up his mouth. “Louis needs to shut his mouth,” he said. “He is just a child. He’s messing with a sleeping lion and you shouldn’t have woken up a sleeping lion as you are only going to regret it…I don’t know Louis so I can only base my judgment on what he says, and he is acting like a 12-year-old.”

The heated beef between the two is also threatening the relationship of Harry Styles and Louis. According to reports Harry Styles is not pleased with Louis actions. Zayn has also gotten himself involved in the whole beef and we can only imagine how ugly this whole thing will turn up.


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