Good To Be Famous in the States

We all know that a journey of a celeb is not just ridden with popularity, but also is marred by bad publicity, negative feedback too. In a country large enough, we have lots of opportunities to make it into the celeb world. But one has to keep in mind, that the path is not to be treaded on lightly, one must not make the mistakes which will mark your for your life, the entirety of your public portfolio. 

For all the bad drug abuse, rash driving, drinking irresponsibly news that we come across, we know that the celebrities also have tough times to go through, and more often than they care to admit, they like the rashness that comes with the lifestyle that they willingly carry forward. Following lives of the celebs in the United States of America is a lot easier, with the celebs finding time to be on the shows, podcasts, and other media platforms, real easy for all the media junkies. 

There are so many magazines, so many TV shows and for crying out loud, E!. We are all set for the most part of our gossip and daily coverage of the stars of the nation with so much to gain access and information from. While we all get our daily share of chores, the celebs have real hard time maintaining private lives. Knowing their lifestyles does not help us much figuring, but for sure helps us sort out better. Nice lives, more complications, guarded times, that’s all celebs are entitled to here! 



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