Dakota Johnson’s Mom Refused to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey

The lead actress of most controversial movie called Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson’s mom refused to watch her daughter erotic movie. Melanie Griffith, mother of the lead actress of the movie, told to media during Academy Awards, “I know she is the best actress, and thus I don’t need to watch the movie to know the already known fact.”

When Johnson came to know about her mother’s intention, she just replied, “Ok you don’t need to see it.” The most popular actress says, “It’s a matter of choice, whether my mom wanted to see it or not”. When she was asked that her mother don’t want to see the movie as it contains lots of sex material, she just replied, “It’s a movie and nothing else.”

The 25-year old actress plays the erotic role of Anastasia Steele in movie, which is the official adaptation of E.L. James most popular erotic novel called Fifty Shades of Grey. Dakota Johnson has shot several sex and erotic scenes with co-actor Jamie Doman for this movie.

The media person then asked Dakota Johnson’s mother if she found it very awkward or humiliating because of loads of sex content in the movie, to which actress responded, “it’s a movie, and she knows it.”
However Griffith tried to make things comfortable by adding that she would watch the movie if her daughter asked her to watch it. Whatever could be the reason behind saying this, but people in the industry have found a new way to grab media attention.


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