Celebrities about technology

Even though celebrities often encounter with a lot of different situations, while they are preparing for a certain role, they obviously have issues with some things in real life, such as high-tech world.

They made some statements about the embracement and fears of today's high-tech world.

Robert Downey, JR - He said that we have to embrace it, because he knows that technology is constantly evolving and changing and that people in the beginning refuse to  accept it, but after all, that is something we all have to embrace. He said that back in early 2000s he has seen an Apple watch and was " I like my watch, l don't need another Apple product ".

On the other hand, a heartthrob Chris Hemsworth completely loves everything about technology. He says that he loves robots, especially the ones who will help you around your house, or if you need a help with your babies.

It seems like this handsome actor doesn't want to have a typical robot-human relationship, but he also wants to develop a real communication with them. To be able to tell them his problems, and things like that. Pretty interesting....

James Spader had a really interesting statement. He said that people thought that by having three television in their house, it will somehow be a great solution. James thinks that people are not aware of how television ( and computer too ) can affect children's brain and that kids are practically raised by TV.

He obviously has a problem with that kind of influence, and we cannot blame him for thinking that way.

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