Taylor Swift Refers To Kendall Jenner As The Mean One

Over the couple of days there have been a small quarrel brewing up between Taylor Swift, 25, and 19-year old Kendall Jenner and from the looks of things are heating up pretty fast. The whole beef, I might say or disagreement between this two started after Taylor Swift was called a mean girl by Kendall Jenner, why? We are not to sure. Following those remarks by Kendall, Taylor Swift has gone and defended herself and at the same time giving her opinion in the whole situation. 

According to the 25-year old Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner is the mean one in fact she does believe that Kendall needs some lessons regarding girl code. So why such talk by Taylor? Well, for those who are fans of Taylor Swift you would have known that she dated Harry Styles at some point and the fact that Kendall went ahead and dated him is violating the girl code. So as at now Taylor Swift is a little bit confused trying to figure out why Kendall would label her mean. 

“Its not clear to Taylor Swift as to why Kendall would call her a mean girl,” a source who has a good knowledge of the whole story revealed. “In fact Taylor Swift does believe that the 19-year old should be given a lesson or two about girl code. Taylor is very focused on friendship and she values it a lot, so if you happen to go behind her and you were her friend she is bound to be hurt and as a result react.” 



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