Stars who will turn 40 in 2015

When you turn 18, 21 and 30 it is like you’ve done something new or stepped into a new chapter of your life. You are young and you can do anything. But when you turn 40, it is a serious number, and for some probably unwanted. Don’t worry, you are still pretty young, be worried when you turn 50, that’s a big deal.

So, who will turn 40 this year ? - Bradley Cooper is one of them, and he already turned 40 in January, and he still looks at least 5-6 years younger. He celebrated his birthday while performing a song by Neil Young “ Down by the river “. - One of the most beautiful women in the world Eva Longoria turned 40 in March, and she celebrated it with her partner, Mexican businessman, in Texas. - Enrique Iglesias, who would ever think that this handsome singer would ever turn 40 ? If you ask us he is still in his 20s. We can definitely admit that he looks amazing and much younger. His special day he spent in Spain, with his longtime partner, beautiful Anna Kournikova. -

This woman looks better than ever, and it seems like she doesn’t age, so we are pretty sure that once she turns 50 she will look even better. Of course we are talking about Charlize Theron. She will turn 40 in August, and we honestly hope that her partner Sean Penn will throw a birthday party for his gorgeous girlfriend.



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