‘Real Housewives Of New York’ Star Dorinda Has A Meltdown During A Fight

On July the 7th we were fortunate to watch another gripping episode of the “Real Housewives of New York”, and just like previous episodes, the one on July 7th saw lots of drama and even a meltdown by a certain wife. Picking up from where they left off in the previous episode, the ladies were Turks and Caicos. That said, this is actually not good for them bt definitely good for the producers and viewers who watch it for drama purposes. 

The much-anticipated and long gateway doesn’t seem to be working in favor of the ladies as every episode we get o see a new fight brewing among the contestants, for instance Ramona has fought with Bethenny, Bethenny on the other hand has gone and fought with Heather. All this fight was bound to have an effect on the ladies and as expected Dorinda was just way too affected as she finally cracked and had a meltdown during the episode on July the 7th. 

So what has been happening so far at their lengthy gateway that has made many so mad. Well, if you happen to have watched the show especially during their gateway then you would have known that the ladies have not been very pleased with Ramona’s behavior. That said, they all decided to confront following a night out that didn’t go so well or according to plan. The next day, during dinner time, the ladies drunk a little too much martinis and when Heather ended up dropping the F-Bomb, Luann told her that she ought to be more classy. As expected this didn’t seat very well with Heather and she went on to accuse them all of swearing. This argument quickly became a debate over good and bad parenting. What happens next can only be known come next week. 


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