Ray and Janay Rice: What Happened in the Elevator?

In recent events, Ray Rice, football star of the Baltimore Ravens, was caught on camera hitting his wife, Janay Rice. At the time of the attack, Janay was Rice’s fiancé, but the two are currently married and have a child.

The footage begins with Janay and Rice walking towards an elevator. Rice begins verbally abusing Janay and proceeds to spit at her. She reacts by swatting him in the face and then the two step into an elevator. Inside the elevator, the couple’s argument escalates: Rice pushes Janay, and then punches her, knocking her out cold. He then drags her out of the elevator and plops her limp body, facedown, onto the ground. While she’s unconscious, Rice attempts to rouse Janay by carelessly prodding her body with his foot. Apparently, Rice doubts whether Janay is really hurt; he seems to think that Janay is simply feigning her injury and could wake up if she wanted to. In effect, the candid clip demonstrates Rice’s utter lack of remorse and respect for Janay, whom he brutally tosses around like a rag doll. In light of this shocking controversy, social media is buzzing with a variety of claims as to what happened, although the video itself leaves little to the imagination.

Publicly, Janay has chosen to stand by her husband. In a statement, she went as far as apologizing for her own role in what happened. Typically, women who endure abusive relationship are left traumatized, in mind, body, and spirit. Whether or not Janay is still suffering from the abuse of her husband is unclear. Nonetheless, the NFL responded to the situation by publicly condemning Rice’s behavior, as well as suspending him from his position as running back for the Ravens.

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