Prince William & Prince George Pre Royal Baby Birth Matching Outfits

32-year-old Prince Williams and 1-year-old Prince George are officially the cutest father-son duo in the world.

While going to the hospital to visit the Duchess of Cambridge on May 2nd before she gave birth, Prince William, and Prince George were spotted wearing matching blue sweaters, and I must confess they looked really cute.

Kate Middleton, 32, is usually the one who gains all the attention when it comes to fashion but we could not help but notice the two, William and George, who were looking absolutely fabulous on what was arguably a special day for the family as well as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Before we look at the reasons under which Prince George accompanied his dad to the hospital, lets first address the reasoning behind the matching outfits. It might have been possible that George, after seeing what his dada, William, wanted to dress up as William, on the other had maybe it was something that was well planned days before Middleton went to labor.   

George, who looked ever so cute in his own blue sweater, paired his look with a bright blue shorts, a white shirt, some knee-high blue socks, and shoes.  

At 3:34 am, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 8 pounds and 3 ounces over the weekend. She had gone into labor on Saturday morning and was checked into St. Mary’s Hospital which is located in Paddington.

Both William and George were also born at St. Mary’s Hospital.  


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