For Kanye West, the Yeezus concert tour confirms that the rapper is one of the music industry’s top sensations. As an artist, West is daring, ingenuous, and talented. Nevertheless, in the public eye, West is often portrayed as an arrogant, selfish jerk. In regards to how society magnifies celebrities, how much is too much?

At one of West’s recent concert performances, he stopped in the middle of his show and proceeded to tell the crowd that until everyone decided to stand up and receive his music, he refused to continue. In proper fashion, all the fans rose up and readied themselves for the next song. From his place onstage, West noticed some people still weren’t standing. West wanted the entire audience up and dancing, so he went on to call out those who remained seated. After West realized that perhaps everyone isn’t capable of standing, he decided to make an exception for handicapped people, announcing that these people are excused, as long as they have proof of their disability, such as a “pass” for “special parking”. One fan lifted up her prosthetic leg to prove her handicap to West. He marked his approval and shifted his attention to the other individual who remained seated. After West addressed this person, he was surprised to discover that the fan was actually wheelchair bound. Once West was satisfied that every capable person was standing, he started rapping again and the show continued.

What’s shocking about this incident is how audacious and insensitive West’s demands seemed, even though his deepest intentions appear to be in the right place. Justly, West wanted everyone to join the party, but for the sake of his fans, and to avoid future misunderstandings, he should really watch what and how he presents himself.

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