Bruce Jenner Involved in a Car Crash

Bruce Jenner the former American track athlete and today's television personality was involved in the fatal car accident. All we know that at this moment is that one person is dead and there are seven people injured. Bruce is physically unharmed, but we must wait to see his psychological condition.

According to the police reports he strikes into a car on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. At the moment of the accident Bruce was chased by paparazzi, so soon after the accident many photos come to the surface. Hi strike into a white car, (the woman who was driving the white car is dead), pushes that car away and Hummer strikes it also.

After the accident, he was taken to the local hospital for the alcohol testing. We believe that it was negative because, during gender transformation process, alcohol is forbidden. Another speculation is that he was texting during driving. According to some sources, he will not be accused of this accident, although, he is very a popular person!

Bruce is highly popular at this time due to his sex transformation. According to sources Bruce wanted to do this many years ago, and he actually started a few years ago. Now, all what we can say, is that Bruce has longer hair and there are some minor changes to his face.

There were some reports that he is very lucky for doing this transformation. He will be a beautiful woman, which is certain. There are no official statements and interviews, but Bruce said that soon will give interviews with explanations of his actions. Because this accident, we believe that this interview will be postponed.

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