Brad Pitt After the Fall

Our very own sexy and beloved actor Brad Pitt fell down the stairs and injured himself on the face last Friday. The actor was wearing flip flops and was trying to climb down the stairs in dark when the unfortunate incident happened.

A few days after the mighty fall, Brad Pitt was spotted at Giorgi Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. The actor was reportedly there to meet his good friend and director David Fincher over there. The duo has done notable films like Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin

While the producer managed to get incognito into the restaurant, the actor was recognizable even though he had a big cut present right under his left eye. The injured face, however, did not stop the sexy actor from attending a conference on Autism the very next day as the subject is something which is very dear to his heart. While addressing the conference, Pitt said that when one tries to get control over one’s forward momentum, the end result is usually a road rash.

Tragedy also struck the actor when he heard the news about friend and former co-star Nicholas Kallsen passing away because of a drug overdose. Both the actors had worked together in a short series by Fox, called Glory Days. Meanwhile, the actor’s spouse, Angelina Jolie, remained busy in a United Nations Security Council meeting urging the greater powers of the world to help the Syrian refugees during their hour of need.


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